It is our mission at Dire Adventure Gear to provide the recreational, tactical and professional worlds with innovations in equipment, apparel and carry solutions.

We understand that workers, sportsmen and operators all rely on a wide variety of gear; from tools and materials, equipment and food, to firearms and communications devices. Having decades of combined experience in all of these fields we’ve seen the need for more convenient, comfortable and practical solutions for carrying this gear around with us on our adventures. Using thermoform plastics and rugged outdoor cloth materials, we seek to breathe life into gear ideas that we ourselves have longed for. It is our ultimate aspiration to spread these good ideas into the lives of those who share our spirit of adventure – and our need for the right gear. When serious adventure is ahead, you want very serious gear; you want Dire gear.




Who Are We?

Formed in 2015, the name 'Dire' was chosen to reflect the serious nature of our adventures and the gear we designed for them. Our mission can be understood as simply bringing gear innovations into our lives and the lives of fellow adventurers. Pictured left is Sean, the sole owner and chief operator of Dire. Sean insists he was smiling for this photo.

At First...


Dire was born into a very humble beginnings. The first pieces of formed plastic gear were made in Sean's sister's garage, pictured right. In this small and poorly ventilated space many things were learned about thermo-forming. Once we came to understand the processes involved in the crafting of quality gear, it was time to expand. New and exciting tools were needed to take our products to the next level and with them much more space was needed as well.



...And Now


Having settled into a 900sq ft shop space in South Burlington, Vermont, we have been turning out gear at a fast pace to customers from across the nation and even beyond. It is here that our latest designs are currently being drawn, prototyped and tested. Using CNC machining, laser engraving, sewing and multiple forming techniques we are working hard to put gear innovations into your hands.